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interview prep.

Company specific questions, AI-powered feedback and more to help you land that dream job.
Set your story apart with Voomer™.

Being confident in front of a camera
Confidence in yourself.

Voomer™ was founded on the belief that we should be as fluent communicating on a HireVue as we are in person. Unfortunately it doesn't come naturally.

Today, artificial intelligence is deployed throughout video interview assessments like HireVue. AI decides which candidates will progress to the next stage and who will fall at the first hurdle. We empower you to communicate confidently, helping land your dream job.

Interview prep
Capture opportunity.

Years ago, one of Voomer's founders was going through an application process and as part of it, was assessed in a one-way video interview. It was an eye opening experience.

Video interviews like HireVue are very strange, uncomfortable experiences. Back then, there was no way to prepare for those interviews. Today, video interview stakes are even higher and you only have a fleeting moment on your HireVue to make an impact.

Helping people get a dream job that can change lives for the better is what drives the team at Voomer™.

A non-native English speaker presents in an interview
AI algorithms coding on screen
Artificial intelligence enhanced video analysis

Natural Language Processing. Object detection. Vocal analysis. Emotion recognition.

All fancy terms for essentially the same thing - listening to what you say and how you say it. Many of these tools are used in the video interview - what Voomer™ does is pull back the curtain on how you are being interpreted by those tools. From the trivial, such as camera angle, to the complex, such as your confidence when answering questions.

Scientifically proven methods

When building Voomer™, we stayed close to our MIT roots and use artificial intelligence algorithms only on issues that have a solid causal relationship with better video interview and assessment performance.

Eye contact, body language, and vocal tone are all key components when communicating with another person on a video interview and measuring those elements are the first things that Voomer™ does with your video recordings.

Scientific methods used to validate the assesment approach
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