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What is Voomer™?

We are passionate about getting people into their dream jobs.

Being confident in front of a camera
Our Mission
Take back control.

Voomer™ empowers you to communicate confidently and consciously, helping you land your next opportunity.

Today, artificial intelligence is deployed throughout your application, starting with resume reviews, one-way video assessments, and even on live video interviews.

With Voomer™ you have the tools to take back control of your future.

Resume Analysis
Climb the resume stack.

Voomer™’s resume analysis gives you the insights that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) presents to recruiters.

This means that by optimizing how your resume is read, you can improve your ranking in the stack of hundreds, sometimes even thousands of resumes that are submitted for a role.

See for yourself by setting up a user profile for free and uploading your resume.

A person looking at a resume
Scientific methods used to validate the assesment approach
Interview Simulator
Improve your improv.

Practice how to answer authentically, in the moment.

Eye contact, body language, and vocal tone are critical elements in especially one-way video assessments but also in two-way interviews.

However, how you say something is second only to what you say so knowing how to answer expected and unexpected questions can really set you apart from the other candidates.

AI Video Assessments
Analyze your performance.

Natural Language Processing. Object detection. Vocal analysis. Emotion recognition.

All fancy terms for essentially the same thing - listening to what you say and how you say it. Many of these tools are used in the video interview - what Voomer™ does is pull back the curtain on how you are being interpreted by those tools.

From the trivial, such as camera angle, to the complex, such as your confidence when answering questions.

AI algorithms coding on screen
A non-native English speaker prepares for a video assesment
Diversity & Inclusion
Battle bias in AI, with AI

The increasing use of artificial intelligence in hiring has made AI's shortcomings clear.

According to the Washington Post, despite competitive applicants having great command of the English language, accents can sometimes throw off automated analysis algorithms and return results that are not necessarily reflective of reality.

Voomer™ is built to understand the way you speak, pulling on a broad range of definitions when interpreting the words you use. This allows our artificial intelligence algorithms to give you feedback that values who you are.

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