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In this call you will learn

  1. Personalized Interview Strategy: David will assess your strengths and weaknesses, crafting a customized strategy to help you excel in your video interview or HireVue assessment

  2. Proven Interview Techniques: Learn valuable interview techniques that boost your confidence and effectively showcase your qualifications

  3. Constructive Feedback and Practice: Receive expert feedback on your interview responses and practice your answers with an industry leader

  4. Technical Optimization: Get tips on optimizing your setup, lighting, and audio for a professional and engaging video interview presence

  5. Q&A Session: Have your questions about video interviews and HireVue assessments answered by David

Expert Guidance and Support

"David was so kind and patient with me - and I'm someone who doesn't know much about tech at all! He is extremely quick and smart"

Industry-Leading Expertise

"David is an experienced founder with a wealth of expertise. He has been a valuable source of knowledge. I can't recommend him enough!"

Efficient and Productive Sessions

"We got so much done in an hour. I'm forever grateful to him and I will absolutely be scheduling a follow up session"

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