About Us

We are passionate about empowering people to be confident, compelling, and authentic through video communication.

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Being confident in front of a camera
Our Mission
Confident as your true self.

Voomer was founded on the belief that we should be as fluent communicating through video as we are in person. However, there is a catch. Unfortunately it doesn't come naturally.

Today, unknown to many, artificial intelligence is deployed throughout video assessments - deciding which candidates will progress to the next stage and who will fall at the first hurdle. We are empowering people to communicate themselves confidently and capture the opportunities they are striving for in this brave new world.

Interview prep
Capture opportunity.

About a year ago, one of our co-founders applied to their dream MBA programs. It was a long slog hitting that GMAT score, writing essays, collecting transcripts and preparing for interviews. Eventually, they were accepted into prestigious business schools such as Stanford GSB and MIT Sloan.

Unfortunately lack of preparation for the video assessments almost stole these opportunities away. Today the stakes are even higher. Voomer uses cutting edge artificial intelligence processing inspired by MIT Media Lab research to ensure that applicants get the best, unbiased video interview prep in the shortest amount of time possible.

Getting into a dream school can change your life for the better in a multitude of ways - we want to help you get there.

A non-native English speaker presents in an interview
AI algorithms coding on screen
Artificial intelligence enhanced video analysis

Natural Language Processing. Object detection. Vocal analysis. Emotion recognition.

All fancy terms for essentially the same thing - listening to what you say and how you say it. Voomer uses AI to break things down into their individual parts, figure out what can be improved and then tell you how to get there. From the trivial, such as camera angle, to the complex, such as building up your inner confidence.

Scientifically proven methods

When building Voomer, we stayed close to our MIT roots and utilize artificial intelligence algorithms only on issues that had a solid causal relationship with better video interview and assessment performance.

Eye contact, body language, and vocal tone are all key components when communicating with another person on a video interview and measuring those elements are the first things that Voomer does with your video recordings.

Scientific methods used to validate the assesment approach
A non-native English speaker prepares for a video assesment
Optimized for native and non-native English speakers

MBA programs always look to build very geographically diverse cohorts, since that adds to the MBA experience. That obviously means that for many applicants, English is not their first language.

According to the Washington Post, despite competitive applicants having very good command of the English language, accents can sometimes throw off automated analysis algorithms and return results that are not necessarily reflective of reality.

Voomer is built to enable you to understand and accommodate your accent, pulling on a broad range of definitions when interpreting the words you use when responding to an interview prompt. This allows our artificial intelligence algorithms to give you feedback that is not led astray by the fact that you might not be a native English speaker.

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